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Covid Tracker

VSCode Angular JSON Feed

A simple app using only Angular and JSON feeds for the data. This project also explores the Angular Material Table Component, with built in search, sorting, pagination, downloads and more. I've also used this space to demonstrate page transitions (as a concept I really like) and one of the best carousel sliders I could find. Basically using all inhouse stuff here... no Bootstrap or jQuery in sight....

Abstract Art Canada

VSCode MongoDB Express.js React.js Node.js GitHub Heroku Cloudinary

This is a special one for me. It's a clone of an existing project I've had the privilige to be a part of... While that monstrocity was built in Wordpress this was done in React using MERN stack to power it. Theory is one thing. Trying to build something to a particular set of specifications Really tests one's ability to 'control' the code... This took a few weeks going on months as it was my first successful React build outside of a tutorial...

CSS Animations

DreamWeaver HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript

A little play with CSS exploring animations and 3d translations using transitions... In addition we play with backface visibility and have a (lottery) random number generator

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Fish Slates

DreamWeaver HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript

My Signature Website...

Deck Layouts

DreamWeaver HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript

My 'other' business...

West Coast Divers

DreamWeaver HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript

A comprehensive PHP MySQL build with CMS...